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14th Annual

Liberty Lacrosse Shootout

June 10-11, 2017

Registration is now open!

Liberty Lacrosse 2016

Thank You!

Thanks to all the coaches, players, parents, sponsors, fans, staff and vendors who participated in 2016 Liberty Lacrosse Shootout. The Tournament featured over 60 teams, representing Southeastern, Central and Western Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, New York and Maryland.

We were fortunate with the weather this year, though the wind gusts were tough on many tents. We trust everyone was comfortable and enjoyed the set-up.

We have posted the team records by bracket as well as the results. We were pleased to see so many closely contested games and a good number of matches that ended in OT or “Bravehearts.” Close and well played games are always exciting and fun to watch.

As you know, we tried in many cases to group teams based on the average grade of the players on the team. Next year, however, in lieu of the US Lacrosse age-based system, we plan to organize our brackets by grade/graduation year.

We have also posted pictures of the Champions and Finalists in each of the brackets. Congratulations in particular to Mt. Lebanon (MTLLA) for winning the featured 2020A Kip Taviano Division.

Thank you to MSI Sports Village and Neumann University for permitting us to use their wonderful field complexes for the event.

We invite and encourage you to give us your feedback. We have used the testimonials and constructive input in the past to improve the event, and we would expect to continue to do so. If you enjoyed the experience, please also tell other coaches and teams in your programs and leagues about the Shootout. We think we have developed something special over the last thirteen years and want to continue staging a robust and worthwhile tradition.

On behalf of the Tournament organizers, we appreciate your participation and sportsmanship and hope you had a fun and festive time. We look forward to seeing you again at the Liberty Lacrosse Shootout next year.

In the meantime, wear those Tournament T-Shirts proudly and keep “Cradlin’ in the Cradle” and playing for the joy of the Creator! And remember, as our Native American forbears knew — “The Ball is the Medicine.”

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