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Tournament T-Shirts

2016 TshirtThe T-shirt artwork for 2016 features a patently revisionist and wonderfully cartoonized version of “LaCrossing the Delaware.” T-Shirts will be made available for purchase at the Tournament while supplies last.

The t-shirts feature high quality cotton with original artwork and a quality silk screen.

Below is a collection of the artwork from previous years.

2015 Tshirt 2014 T-shirt design 2013 T-shirt design 2012 T-shirt design
2011 T-shirt design 2010 T-shirt design 2009 T-shirt design
2008 T-shirt design 2007 T-shirt design 2006 T-shirt design

Additionally, in honor and memory of the many yellow caution signs that have been part of the Liberty Lacrosse Shootout set-up in the past but which have mysteriously disappeared at the end of a good day’s competition, we will be introducing tournament t-swag in several bright colors to foster both situational awareness and, perhaps, a few friendly chuckles.

Special thanks to Dan, Dennis, Melissa and April at Chroma for their support and attention to detail in helping design this year’s Liberty Lacrosse Shootout artwork.

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